In order to keep the thin film solar cell production stable, the adequate control of the layer deposition and treatment processes is crucial. Semilab offers several metrology solutions for the characterization of electrical and optical properties of the thin layers.

Our special design Four-Point-Probe and Eddy Current sensors provide accurate measurement of the sheet resistance of thin semiconductor, TCO or even metal layers in the total range of interest.

Using Semilab’s „Spectroscopic Ellipsometry” and „Spectroscopic Haze and Reflectance” techniques the complete characterization of the layer thickness and other optical parameters can be accomplished even on multilayer structures.





The haze is the percentage of light diffusely  scattered and total transmitted light. The (Direct) Specular portion of  transmitted light is absorbed in the light trap if the trap disk is in opened state. In this situation the collected spectrum distributes only  the scattered portion of the  transmitted light. When the trap disk is  closed than the measured spectrum consists of the total transmitted light.

Direct & Scattered light angular distribution


Measurement principle and basic layout:

  • Source is a long life xenon lamp
  • Bifurcated quartz fiber bundles: center and outer bundle
  • The fiber of the outer bundle comes from the source module with SMA connector
  • Light is sent down the outer ring for even illumination of the sample and the reflectance is collected by the center fibers (end with a slit) and transmitted to the high resolution detector


  • Non-destructive and non-contact measurement technique
  • No sample preparation is needed
  • Mapping X-Y, Rho Theta, Combo X-Y & Theta
  • High resolution
  • Fast data acquisition and evaluation
  • Highly sensitive, CCD or OMA NIR detector


Product Line


The SE series have a unique Modular Optical Platform including a spectroscopic ellipsometer with rotating compensator optics. The system has strong modular and versatile design, to answer needs from simple single layer thickness to more demanding applications such as those combining polarimetry, scatterometry and ellipsometry using Mueller matrix. It has a unique independent arm angle selection, and small spot size. The widest spectral range available on a single tool ranging from the Deep-UV (193 nm) up to Mid-IR (25 µm) with optional FTIR ellipsometer head uniquely offered on the same goniometer with the visible arms.




Printed Electronics. Optical & Electrical Metrology. Thin Film Coating characterization. Layer Thickness control.

Features and System specification:

  • Capable for Fast and accurate measurement on square samples up to 350x450 mm or wafers up to 300 mm
  • Special design of the chuck to hold Flexible Sample
  • Active Vibration damping
  • High-resolution mapping stage
  • Fast Omron autofocus
  • Vertical camera for samples visualisation & Pattern recognition
  • Joystick to move the sample easily
  • CE and SEMI standards compliant

Components & Options:


  • Display: TFT, OLED on Glass or Flexible substrate
  • Lighting: New OLED Lighting application. White OLED
  • Printed Electronics: Any process on flexible substrate (transistor, sensors, etc.)
  • Photovoltaics: Small Thin Films PV panels, TCO panels

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