Semilab presents the LST-2500HD


SEMILAB is pleased to introduce the LST-2500HD, the next generation of bulk microdefect (BMD) inspection system.The LST-2500HD is a successor to the popular LST-2500. Thanks to its unique design, the LST-2500HD improves the BMD detection limit by 20% enabling measurement of BMDs as small as 12 nm. The LST-2500HD is the most sensitive tool on market for this application. 

The LST-2500HD extends SEMILAB's product offering for wafer makers, adding to an exhaustive set of tools that address critical optical, electrical and mechanical properties of materials.

The LST-2500HD was developed by the SEMILAB Optical R&D Group, leveraging more than a decade of experience in IR imaging and inspection. By continuously investing in R&D and maintaining strong partnership with customers, SEMILAB continues to bring new solutions to the semiconductor market.



Figure 1. LST-2500HD