Dénes Gábor Award 2023: Optical Measurement Technologies Division Manager of Semilab honored with the award


As the most famous civil-initiated recognition of scientific innovators in Hungary founded by Novofer Foundation, the Dénes Gábor Award is intended to honor outstanding achievements in the field of technological innovation, technical and engineering research. The award founder’s intention, in addition to paying homage to personal creative contribution and results, was to attract social attention to highly organized innovation processes, new material, mechanical and human cooperations and achievements created through creative efforts.

The award ceremony of the 35th Dennis Gabor Award took place on December 15. 2023, in the Upper House Hall of the Parliament. To this day, more than 260 professionals have received the recognition. We are proud to announce, that in addition to scientists, researchers, university lecturers and promising university students, this year's awardees include the Optical Measurement Technologies Division Manager of Semilab György Nádudvari as well.

In 1998, he obtained a degree in engineering and physics at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, majoring in optics. At the start of his professional journey, in optical data storage business of Philips, he gained experience in project development at the company's locations in Hungary, Belgium, and Vienna.

He has been with Semilab for the past 16 years, steering the development of cutting-edge infrared and photoluminescence-based optical metrology systems, overseeing more than 100 physicists, engineers, and software developers.

György's contributions extend to the solar industry, where his optics division developments have facilitated the quality measurement of silicon blocks through infrared imaging and the automated inspection of solar cells via photoluminescence imaging.

His exceptional scientific expertise and innovative mindset have yielded breakthroughs in the semiconductor industry, such as photoluminescence-based automatic metrology systems for non-destructive mapping of critical subsurface crystal defects in silicon wafers and a light scattering-based crystal defect monitoring system, now standard metrology equipment for silicon wafer manufacturers.

He co-authored 23 international publications on topics like photomodulated reflectance measurements, ion implantation, and optical defect analysis in silicon wafers and blocks, additionally, György is co-author of 4 patents in the field of photoluminescence imaging.

Following the footsteps of two Semilab founders, György became the third Dénes Gabor Award winner at SEMILAB. Their collective contributions have significantly shaped the success of Semilab and the industry at large. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to György Nádudvari for this well-deserved honor, showcasing the excellence within our professional community.