Semilab publishes video presentation on the contactless characterization of sheet resistance and mobility of inversion charge carriers at the 10th SiliconPV conference


The abstract from Semilab and CEA-INES for the SiliconPV conference 2020 was selected in the best 20. Although the conference was canceled due to the global epidemic, video presentations related to the selected works are published at the conference website:


In this video presentation and in the related paper under publishing in Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, the researchers introduces new applications of the recently developed differential junction photovoltage (diff-JPV) measurement technique. The technique’s unique capability to provide reliable sheet resistance result in the very large sheet resistance range using a very rapid measurement routine and evaluation is demonstrated.

Combining the diff-JPV technique with surface corona charge deposition, sheet resistance and mobility of inversion charge carriers are deteremined as well resulting values consitent with mobility models and previous results from device tests.

Results from wafers covered with dielectrics relevant for photovoltaic applications and to fabricate invrsion layer solar cells are presented, indicating the reliability of the method and proving its applicability of industrial application.