uSE-2300: New Generation of Ellipsometer to Address 4-8" fab needs


As a leading innovator in precision measurement solutions, Semilab is proud to introduce its new Compact Platform Microspot Spectroscopic Ellipsometer, the μSE-2300.
This new extension to the highly acclaimed Semilab SE series has a completely new platform arrangement with a newly designed metrology head, providing the well-established applications of the product family and improved throughput for wafer manufacturers and device makers.

Spectroscopic ellipsometry, a non-destructive technique aimed to measure a wide range of layer thickness from a fraction of mono-atomic layer to several micrometers of transparent and semitransparent materials, allows thickness determination of single layers and multi-layer stacks. In addition, it allows the absolute characterization of optical properties of materials by extraction of the N and K data.

The latest member of the Semilab SE product line provides all key features of the well-known SE models crucial to provide high precision and accuracy, while also delivering further improved platform stability, a new generation metrology head and high throughput on a small footprint.

This new, small footprint system, uSE-2300 can be combined with spectroscopic reflectometer and laser ellipsometry within the same system. Various metrology extensions like bow/warp metrology, global stress calculation, MBD options are available upon request as well. In addition, the highly configurable platform can be adapted to support several sample types including wrapped, thick, or transparent wafers.

Its high versatility and configurability make the Semilab uSE-2300 the ideal metrology solution for various applications, like thin film dielectric or semiconductor layer stack on a solid, polished surface substrate, pattern-capable spectroscopic ellipsometry on high-performance silicon CMOS or III/V devices after deposition and etching processes, OLED display & More-than-Moore industrial applications.

Building on the knowledge of more than three decades in spectroscopic ellipsometry, Semilab delivers the stable, robust design and high accuracy of the well-acclaimed SE line, now with further enhanced precision in an even smaller, faster, and more cost-effective form available for order from early 2024.