MIT.nano provides Semilab Spectroscopic Ellipsometer for their researcher


MIT.nano has been recently acquired a new SE-2000 Spectroscopic Ellipsometer to their clean room, and it is already available to their researchers for training and thin-film measurement purposes.

Semilab SE-2000 at MIT.nano

The Semilab SE-2000 ellipsometer will augment the MIT.nano clean room metrology capabilities by addressing the need for a broad spectral range (from 245 nm–1,700 nm), autofocus, automatic goniometer for incidence angle adjustment (20-90 degrees), and large-area (300 mm) automatic stage with mapping capabilities.

“We’re developing a powerful set of ex-situ and in-situ capabilities for characterization and metrology in our facilities, and ellipsometry is yet another fundamental technique that will advance research for many users.”
- says Anna Osherov, assistant director of user services for Characterization.nano.

Spectroscopic ellipsometry could play a key role in understanding the chemical, mechanical and physical properties of wide range of materials used in a typical integrated circuit by representig the complex information from the layer stacks. All features and applications of SE-2000 would like to support all researchers in this work.
See further details of SE-2000 here: Spectroscopic ellipsometry.

We hope Semilab SE-2000 system will support many MIT research projects for several years.