PDL Hall system installed in Loughborough University, UK


SEMILAB is proud to announce that the first Semilab PDL Hall system, a High sensitivity Parallel Dipole Line Hall measurement tool, has been delivered, installed and qualified in the Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology (CREST), in the Wolfson School of Mechical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering at Loughborough University UK. The system is already in research use measuring mobility and sheet resistance on a range of Photovoltaic materials in the lab. We thank the laboratory and especially Dr Jake Bowers for their confidence, and wish them further success in their research utilizing this new characterization tool.

For more information on the CREST : https://www.lboro.ac.uk/research/crest/

Dr Jake Bowers, Senior lecturer in Photovoltaics.

Semilab PDL Hall system details can be found here.