The CV-1500 model is the entry level platform that provides affordable access to advanced measurements for interfaces and dielectrics based on Semilab SDI’s patented corona-Kelvin methods. Manual loading and single site measurement capability are suitable for R&D and Lab environments.  This model features:

  • Manual sample loading
  • Single site C-V and I-V measurements on 15mm to 300mm diameter samples; additional sites possible through manual movement of the sample on the chuck (for samples < 300mm)
  • Software suite; including Measurement, Recipe Writing and Data Viewing capabilities
  • Advanced data acquisition and analysis features; including in-situ corona charge monitoring, patented Dit spectrum determination, leakage corrected C-V curves, and proprietary C-V simulator for EOT extraction
  • Suitable for measurement on: semiconductors (e.g. Si, SiGe, InGaAs, SiC, GaN) with high-k and low-k dielectric films (e.g. SiO2, SiNx, Al2O3, HfO2 ; mixed dielectrics and dielectric film stacks)
  • Step Down Power transformer with flexible compatibility
  • Additional available options include: Seismic bracket

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