New product release: Semilab presents the DLS-1100, the most sensitive Deep Level Transient Spectrometer


We are pleased to release the new low-noise DLS-1100. It performs as the most sensitive Deep Level Transient Spectroscopic system for the wafer maker market, providing detection of trace levels of contaminants down to 5x107 atoms/cm3. Equipped with different cryostats detects and identifies electrically active impurities over wide temperature ranges.

Recent developments in CMOS imaging technology and requirements for lower detection limits of metallic contamination in silicon have pushed the development of deep-level transient spectroscopy (DLTS) further to achieve more sensitive evaluation for studying electrically active defects (known as charge carrier traps) in semiconductors.

Due to recent hardware and software improvements, the new technologies of DLS-1100 - a low-vibration cryostat with improved signal-to-noise ratio, a more accurate temperature controller and the improved evaluation software - allow for automatic control of the experimental parameters and automatic evaluation of impurity concentration, activation energy and for cross section captures on semiconductor samples.

We are excited to bring these new capabilities of our DLTS platform to help our customers to achieve more accurate and more sensitive measurements.

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