Integration of Reflectometry into a FOUP for Improved Cycle Time
Arpad Jakab, John Byrnes, Laszlo Makai, Audrey Engelsberg, Andrew Findlay, Alok Vaid, Nicholas Pieniazek, John Barker, Jeffrey Wood, Peter Rutka, Peter Basa, Jack Downey
ellipsometry, Metrology, reflectometry, semiconductor device measurement
Near-infrared optical properties and proposed phase-change usefulness of transition metal disulfides
Akshay Singh, Yifei Li, Balint Fodor, Laszlo Makai, Jian Zhou, Haowei Xu, Austin Akey, Ju Li and R. Jaramillo
ellipsometry, visible spectra, Transmission electron microscopy, Density functional theory, Photonic integrated circuits, Transition metal chalcogenides, Optical metrology, Crystalline solids, Optical electronics
Micro-Photoluminescence Imaging of Dislocation Generation in 0.18 μm Power Semiconductor Devices with Deep Trenches
L. Jastrzebski, G. Nadudvari, D. T. Cseh, L. Roszol, G. Molnar, I. Lajtos
Micro-Photoluminescence Imaging, Dislocation Generation, Semiconductor Devices, Deep Trenches, Wafer Fabrication
Efficiency limiting crystal defects in monocrystalline silicon and their characterization in production
F. Korsós, L. Roszol, F. Jay, T. Szarvas, Z. Kiss, A. Szabó, I. Soczó, Gy. Nádudvari, N. Laurent
Czochralski, Bulk micro defects, Thermal history, PERT solar cells, carrier lifetime
Point and extended defect interaction in low – high energy phosphorus implantation sequences
I. Mica, M. L. Polignano, P. Bacciaglia, D. Brazzelli, D. Cseh, A. Galbiati, S. Grasso, M. Juhel, Z. T. Kiss, P. Monge Roffarello, E. Tomezzoli, A. M. Torti
Silicon, P implantation sequences, Implantation defects, annealing
Analysis of near-surface metal contamination by photoluminescence measurements
M.L. Polignano, A. Galbiati, I. Mica, D. Magni, D. Cseh, F. Jay, P. Basa, N. Laurent, I. Lajtos, G. Molnár, L. Dudás, L. Roszol, L. Jastrzebski
Carrier diffusion length, metal contamination, photoluminescence
Surface Strained Ge-Cz Wafers by Sn-Implantation For High Electron and Hole Mobility
J. Borland, M. Sugitani, S.S. Chaung, Y.J. Lee, K. Huet, A. Joshi, A. Wan, L. Wong, P. Horvath, A. Finley
Surface Strained Ge-Cz Wafers By Sn-Implantation For High Electron And Hole Mobility
Refractive Indexes and Extinction Coefficients of n- and p-type Doped GaInP, AlInP and AlGaInP for Multijunction Solar Cells
E. Ochoa-Martínez, L. Barrutia, M. Ochoa, E. Barrigón, I. García, I. Rey-Stolle, C. Algora, P. Basa, G. Kronome, M. Gabás
refractive index, n-type, p-type, doped GaInP, AlInP, AlGaInP, multijunction solar cells
Silica Sol-gel Coatings with Improved Light Transmittance and Stability
L. Kócs, E. Albert, B. Tegze, M. Kabai-Faix,Cs. Major, A. Szalai, P. Basa, Z. Hórvölgyi
sol-gel coating, improved light transmittance, long-term optical stability, network strengthening, porosity
Photoluminescence for In-Line Buried Defects Detection in Silicon Devices
R. Duru, D. Le-Cunff, M. Cannac, N. Laurent, L. Dudas, Z.T. Kiss, D. Cseh, I. Lajtos, F. Jay, Gy. Nadudvari
photoluminescence, dislocations, buried defects, non-visual defects
Optical characterization of the coloration process in electrochromicamorphous and crystalline WO3films by spectroscopic ellipsometry
G. Yuan, Ch. Hua, L. Huang, Ch. Defranoux, P. Basa, Y. Liu, Ch. Song, G. Han
spectroscopic ellipsometry, WO3, Electrochromic film, Coloration process
Surface modification and porosimetry of vertically aligned hexagonal mesoporous silica films
C. Robertson, A. W. Lodge, P. Basa, M. Carravetta, A. L. Hector, R. J. Kashtiban, J. Sloan, D. C. Smith, J. Spencer, A. Walcarius
Mesoporous silica films, Vertically aligned hexagonal pores, Electrochemically assisted surfactant assembly (EASA), Porosimetry
Inkjet-Printed Vertically Emitting Solid-State Organic Lasers
O. Mhibik, S. Ch´enais, S. Forget, Ch. Defranoux, S. Sanaur
vertically-emitting solid-state organic lasers (VECSOLs); inkjet printing; new host polymer matrix for standard laser dyes; Tunable laser
Homogeneous Transparent Conductive ZnO:Ga by ALD for Large LED Wafers
Z. Szabó, Zs. Baji, P. Basa, Zs. Czigány, I. Bársony, H-Y. Wang, J. Volk
GZO; Atomic layer deposition; TCO; Rapid thermal annealing; LED
Surface Voltage and μPCD Mapping of Defect in Epitaxial SiC
M. Wilson, A. Savtchouk, A. Findlay, J. Lagowski, P. Edelman, D. Marinskiy, J. D’Amico, F. Korsós, N. Orsós, M. Cs. Varga
Defect Mapping, lifetime, silicon carbide (SiC), Triangular Defect
lmproved Non-Contact Capacitance-Voltage Technique for Resistivity Profiling of Epitaxial Silicon
P. Horvath, R. Ring, P. Tutto
Carrier Scattering and Relaxation Dynamics in n-Type In0.83Ga0.17As as a Function of Temperature and Doping Density
Y. Ma, Y. Gu, Y. Zhang, X. Chen, S. Xi, Z. Boldizsár, L. Huang, L. Zhou
Carrier scattering, relaxation dynamics, In0.83Ga0.17As
Antibacterial Properties of Ag–TiO2 Composite Sol–Gel Coatings
E. Albert, P.A. Albouy, A. Ayral, P. Basa, G. Csík, N. Nagy, S. Roualdès, V. Rouessac, G. Sáfrán, Á. Suhajda, Z. Zolnai, Z. Hórvölgyi
of long-term antibacterial activity, silver doped titania coatings, titania layer structure
Ellipsometry Study of Process Deposition of Amorphous Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide Sputtered Thin Films
C. Talagrand, X. Boddaert, D.G. Selmeczi, C. Defranoux, P. Collot
InGaZnO, spectroscopic ellipsometry, Dielectric function, Process deposition, Amorphous semiconductor
Introducing Nanoscaled Surface Morphology and Percolation Barrier Network into Mesoporous Silica Coatings
E. Albert, P. Basa, A. Deák, A. Németh, Z. Osváth, G. Sáfrán, Z. Zolnai, Z. Hórvölgyi, N. Nagy
nanopatterning process, multilayer, porous silica coatings, hexagonally ordered silica spheres, ion irradiation, artificial surface morphologies, sub-micron scale
Dielectric properties of SURMOF HKUST-1 films
M. Krishtab, G. Pourtois, K. Vanstreels, H. Gliemann, M. Tsotsalas, C. Wöll, R. Hillard, M. Tallian, S. De Gendt, M. Baklanov
Detection and Characterization of Three-Dimensional Interconnect Bonding Voids by Infrared Microscopy
J. Höglund, Z. Kiss, G. Nádudvari, Zs. Kovács, Sz. Velkei, C. Moore, V. Vartanian, R.A. Allen
infrared, microscopy, optical inspection, optical systems
Non-Contact High Precision Alternative to Hg-Probe for Dopant Profiling in SiC
A. Czett, Cs. Buday, S. Savtchouk, D. Marinskiy
silicon carbide (SiC), corona-Kelvin measurement, mercury probe, doping profile
Air Gap CV Measurement for Doping Concentration in Epitaxial Silicon
F. Heider, J. Baumgartl, P. Horváth, T. Jaehrling
air gaps, capacitance measurement, doping profile, Electrical resistivity, epitaxial layer, Silicon (Si), voltage measurement
Transient Method for Lifetime Characterization of Monocrystalline Si Ingots
G. Paráda, F. Korsós, P. Tüttő
carrier lifetime, Monocrystalline, Ingot
Lifetime Characterization of mc:Si Bricks by Upgraded μ-PCD Technique
F. Korsós, A. Jász
Microwave Photoconductive Decay (μ-PCD), photoconductive decay, surface recombination
Inline PL Inspection and Advanced Offline Evaluation of Passivation Defects, Charge and Interfaces
A. Findlay, J. Lagowski, M. Wilson, J. D'Amico, A. Savtchouk, F. Korsós, G. Nádudvari
corona charge, Microwave, Passivation Defects, photoconductive decay, Photoluminescence Imaging, Quasisteady State
Application of Non-Contact Corona-Kelvin Metrology for Characterization of PV Dielectrics on Textured Surfaces
M. Wilson, Z. Hameiri, N. Nandakumar, S. Duttagupta
alumincorona, dielectric materials, passivation, silicon compounds, solar cells, surface texture
Experimental Study on the Role of Parameters Affecting Surface Recombination and Emitter Passivation
M. Wilson, A. Findlay, J. D'Amico, A. Savtchouk, J. Lagowski, Z. Xu, R. Yang, T. Guo
aluminium compounds, elemental semiconductors, interface states, passivation, Silicon (Si), silicon compounds, solar cells, space charge, surface recombination
Interface Traps at Intrinsic ia-Si:H/c-Si Interfaces
A. Savtchouk, M. Wilson, P. Edelman, J. Lagowski, Z. Xu, R. Yang, T. Guo, C. Zhou, H. Diao, Y. Xiang, L. Zhao, W. Zhang
Interface Trap
Pioneering Application of Corona Charge-Kelvin Probe Metrology to Noncontact Characterization of In0.53 Ga0.47 As/Al2O3/HfO2 Stack
J. D’Amico, A. Savtchouk, M. Wilson, J. Lagowski, W. Wang, T. Kim, G. Bersuker, D. Veksler, D. Koh
corona charge, non-contact C-V, non-contact I-V, dielectric characterization
New Approach to Surface Voltage Based Non-Visual Defect Inspection
D. Marinskiy, J. Lagowski, M. Wilson, A. Findlay, C. Almeida, P. Edelman
surface voltage, defect inspection, Kelvin probe
Measuring CET of High-k Dielectrics with Novel Kinetic Approach Using Micro-Site Corona – Kelvin Method
D. Marinskiy, T.C. Loy, H.C. Yeh, M. Wilson, J. Lagowski
Corona-Kelvin Metrology, high-k dielectrics, capacitance equivalent thickness, corona discharge
A Novel Approach to Measuring Doping in SiC by Micro Spot Corona-Kelvin Method
D. Marinskiy, A. Savtchouk
corona - Kelvin, silicon carbide (SiC), doping
MBIR Characterization of Photosensitive Polyimide in High Volume Manufacturing
T.E. Kagalwala, B.M. Erwin, V.L. Calero-DdelC, Y.M. Brovman, J. Hoglund
chip scale packaging, flip-chip devices, passivation, process monitoring, reflectometry
Benefit of Combining Metrology Techniques for Thin SiGe:B Layers
D. Le Cunff, T. Nguyen, R. Duru, F. Abbate, J. Hoglund, N. Laurent, F. Pernot, M. Wormington
Ge-Si alloys, boron, elemental semiconductors, semiconductor doping, semiconductor epitaxial layers
On Determining the Optical Properties and Layer Structure from Spectroscopic Ellipsometric Data using Automated Artifact Minimization Method
J. Budai, B. Farkas, Z.L. Horváth, Zs. Geretovszky
ellipsometry, modelling, Artifact minimization, Numerical inversion
Study of Annealing Effects Upon the Optical and Electrical Properties of SnO2:F/SiCxOy Low Emissivity Coatings by Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
K. Wang, B. Cheng, B. Wu, C. Defranoux, P. Basa, C. Song, G. Han, Y. Liu
spectroscopic ellipsometry, Fluorinated tin oxide, Low emissivity, annealing
Spectroscopic Ellipsometry on Metal and Metal-Oxide Multilayer Hybrid Plasmonic Nanostructures
A.A. Khosroabadi, P. Gangopadhyay, B. Cocilovo, L. Makai, P. Basa, B. Duong, J. Thomas, and R.A. Norwood
spectroscopic ellipsometry
Charging Behavior of Silicon Nitride Based Non-Volatile Memory Structures with Embedded Semiconductor Nanocrystals
Zs.J. Horváth, P. Basa, T. Jászi, K.Z. Molnár, A.E. Pap, Gy. Molnár
Comparison of Laser Textured Silicon Surfaces Prepared by Different Laser Sources
Z. Tóth, A. Gárdián, M. Füle, J. Csontos, F. Korsós, P. Basa
Laser Processing, Silicon (Si), Texturisation
Novel Approach to In-Line PL Imaging for Passivation Inspection of Silicon PV
F. Korsós, Z. Kiss, G. Nádudvari, A. Zsovár, M. Wilson, P. Edelman, J. Lagowski, J. Chen, L. Zhao, C. Zhou, W. Wang, B. Wang
surface passivation, PL imaging, QSS-μPCD
Single Image Concept for Photoluminescence Based Emitter Saturation Current Imaging Using Direct Calibration by the QSS-μPCD Method
F. Korsós, A. Zsóvár, J. Lagowski, M. Wilson, Z. Kiss, Z. Kovács, G. Nádudvari
elemental semiconductors, photoluminescence, Silicon (Si)
Lifetime Measurements on Attached Epilayers and Detached Epifoils Grown on Reorganised Porous Silicon Showing a Bulk Lifetime Exceeding 100 μs
H.S. Radhakrishnan, M. Debucquoy, F. Korsós, K. Van Nieuwenhuysen, V. Depauw, I. Gordon, R. Mertens, J. Poortmans
epilayer, bulk lifetime, porous silicon, surface recombination velocity, Microwave Photoconductive Decay (μ-PCD), QSSPC, PL, PC1D
Unified Lifetime Metrology and Photoluminescence Imaging for Silicon PV
M. Wilson, J. Lagowski, P. Edelman, F. Korsós, G. Nádudvari, Z. Kiss, J. Schmauder, V. Mihailetchi, S. Olibet
photoluminescence, emitter saturation current, lifetime
Development of a-Si:H/c-Si Heterojunctions for the i2-Module Concept: Low-Temperature Passivation and Emitter Formation on Wafers Bonded to Glass
J. Govaerts, S.N. Granata, T. Bearda, F. Dross, C. Boulord, G. Beaucarne, F. Korsós, K. Baert, I. Gordon, J. Poortmans
PECVD, Heterojunction, Silicone bonding, Module-level processing
Importance of Defect Photoionization in Silicon-Rich SiNx Dielectrics for High PID Resistance
M. Wilson, A. Savthouck, J. D'Amico, J. Lagowski, S. Schmitt, A. Schneider, S. Olibet
deep levels, defect states, Dielectric thin films, infrared spectra, leakage currents, photoconductivity, photoionisation, refractive index, silicon compounds, stoichiometry, visible spectra
Advanced Interface Trap Metrology for Silicon PV
J. D'Amico, M. Wilson, C. Almeida, J. Lagowski, S. Olibet
passivation, recombination, Silicon Nitride, Characterisation, Interface
Application of Corona-Kelvin Metrology for Optimizing Surface Passivation: Dit, Surface Recombination and PID
A. Savtchouk, M. Wilson, J. Lagowski, J. D’Amico, A. Findlay, P. Edelman
Corona-Kelvin Metrology, surface passivation, surface recombination
Technique for Monitoring of PID Susceptibility and Interface Trap Density in Advanced Passivation Dielectrics
M. Wilson, A. Findlay, J. Lagowski, J. D’Amico, A. Savtchouk
passivation dielectric, interface trap density, PID susceptibility
Noncontact Imaging of PID Susceptibility of Passivation Films and Monitoring of Relevant Dielectric Properties
A. Findlay, M. Wilson, J. Lagowski, J. D’Amico, S. Savtchouk
PID susceptibility, Passivation Film, Relevant Dielectric Properties
Influence of Precursor Gas Ratio and Firing on Silicon Surface Passivation by APCVD Aluminium Oxide
K.O. Davis, K. Jiang, M. Wilson, C. Demberger, H. Zunft, H. Haverkamp, D. Habermann, W.V. Schoenfeld
atmospheric pressure CVD, Silicon (Si), passivation, aluminum oxide
Kelvin Force Microscopy Characterization of Corona Charged Dielectric Surfaces
D. Marinskiy, P. Edelman, A.D. Snider
Kelvin force microscopy, corona charge, concentration profile, surface diffusion
Characterization of Residual Implant Damage by Generation Time Technique
Y.J. Jee, C.Y. Kim, C.S. Jun, T.S. Kim, A. Belyaev, D. Marinskiy
Residual implant damage, Generation lifetime, Breakdown voltage, Doping measurements, surface photovoltage, Corona – Kelvin method
Charging Behaviour of MNOS Structures with Embedded Ge Nanocrystals
Zs. J. Horváth, K. Zs. Molnár, Gy. Molnár, P. Basa, T. Jászi, A. E. Pap, R. Lovassy, P. Turmezei
MNOS structures, Ge nanocrytals, Oxide thickness
High Resolution Mapping of Carrier Lifetime on Bulk PV Si Material by Dual Wavelength MW-PCD Method
F. Korsós, B. Radics, E. Pihan, N. Plassat, B. Drevet, N. Laurent, A. Jouini
Recombination via Point Defects and their Complexes in Solar Silicon
A.R. Peaker, V.P. Markevich, B. Hamilton, G. Parada, A. Dudás, A. Pap, E. Don, B. Lim, J. Schmidt, L. Yu, Y. Yoon, G. Rozgonyi
Laplace deep level transient spectroscopy, minority carrier lifetime, passivation, recombination, silicon solar cells, transition metals
Integrated Electrical and Optical Characterization of Large Area Thin Film Photovoltaic Materials
G. Szitási, F. Korsós, D. Selmeczi, O. Takács, F. Novinics, P. Tüttő, A. Findlay, M. Wilson
eddy current testing, ellipsometry, fluorine, photoconducting materials, photovoltaic effects, spectroscopy, tin compounds
Photoluminescence Imaging of as-Cut Wafers Combined with Lifetime Calibration by MW-PCD Technique
F. Korsós, J. Csontos, Z. Kiss, G. Nádudvari, P. Tüttő, Z. Tóth, M. Wilson
Wafer-Based Silicon Solar Cells, Microwave Photoconductive Decay (μ-PCD), Photoluminescence Imaging
Unification of Excess Carrier Lifetime Measurement for Silicon PV
M. Wilson, A. Savtchouk, F. Korsós, G. Paráda, K. Kis-Szabo, V.D. Mihailetchi, S. Olibet
lifetime, passivation, field-effect
Unified Lifetime Measurement for Silicon PV
M. Wilson, J. Lagowski, P. Edelman, A. Savtchouk, A. Findlay, S. Olibet, V. Mihailetchi
elemental semiconductors, reliability, Silicon (Si), solar cells
Improved QSS-μPCD Measurement with Quality of Decay Control: Correlation with Steady-State Carrier Lifetime
M. Wilson, P. Edelman, J. Lagowski, S. Olibet, V. Mihailetchi
Microwave Photoconductive Decay (μ-PCD), Steady-state lifetime, emitter saturation current
State-of-the-art Surface Passivation of Boron Emitters using Inline PECVD AlOx/SiNx Stacks for Industrial High-Efficiency Silicon Wafer Solar Cells
S. Duttagupta, Fen Lin, K.D. Shetty, M. Wilson, Fa-Jun Ma, Jiaji Lin, A.G. Aberle, B. Hoex
aluminium compounds, current density, elemental semiconductors, passivation, plasma CVD, short-circuit currents, Silicon (Si), silicon compounds, solar cells
Multifunction Metrology Platform for Photovoltaics
M. Wilson, J. D'Amico, A. Savtchouk, P. Edelman, A. Findlay, L. Jastrzebski, J. Lagowski, K. Kis-Szabó, F. Korsós, A. Tóth, A. Pap, R. Kopecek, K. Peter
electron traps, passivation, photovoltaic cells, semiconductor thin films, Silicon (Si)
New µ-PCD Based Method for Sorting Boron and Gallium Doped Feedstock Material
F. Korsós, G. Paráda, D. Fátay
Wafer-Based Silicon Solar Cells, Silicon Feedstock, Crystallisation, Wafering, Microwave Photoconductive Decay (μ-PCD), carrier lifetime
Emitter Passivation by Charge Injection
M. Wilson, J. Lagowski, A. Savtchouk, A. Findlay, L. Jastrzebski, S. Olibet, V.D. Mihailetchi
charge injection, corona, electron-hole recombination, interface states, passivation, solar cells, thin films, tunneling
QSS-μPCD Measurement of Lifetime in Silicon Wafers: Advantages and new Applications
M. Wilson, A. Savtchouk, J. Lagowskia, K. Kis-Szabó, F. Korsós, A. Tóth, R. Kopecek, V.D. Mihailetchi
Microwave Photoconductive Decay (μ-PCD), J0, photovoltaics, lifetime
Novel Noncontact Approach to Monitoring the Field-Effect Passivation of Emitters
M.Wilson, A. Savtchouk, J. Lagowski, F. Korsós, A. Tóth, R. Kopecek, V.D. Mihailetchic, R. Petres, T. Boescke
emitter passivation, field-effect, J0, corona charge
Monitoring of Incoming Silicon PV Wafers with Modified Surface Photovoltage (SPV) Minority Carrier Diffusion Length Method
M. Wilson, A. Savtchouk, F. Buchholz, S. Olibet, R. Kopecek, K. Peter
Minority Carrier Diffusion Length, surface photovoltage, Incoming Wafers
Lifetime Degradation in Dark Observed in Mono Crystalline Cz-Silicon
J. Arumughan, J. Theobald, M. Wilson, L. Hildebrand, R. Petres, A. Savtchouk, R. Kopecek
c-Si, Degradation, Diffusion Length, lifetime
Light Induced Degradation in Multicrystalline Solar Grade Silicon Solar Cells Evaluated Using Accelerated LID
K. Peter, P. Preis, P.E. Díaz-Pérez, J. Theobald, E. Enebakk, A.-K. Soiland, A. Savtchouk, M. Wilson
Solar Grade Silicon, Light Induced Degradation (LID)
Implant Monitoring Measurements On Ultra Shallow Implants Before And After Anneal Using Photomodulated Reflection And Junction Photovoltage Measurement Techniques
M. Tallián, A. Pap, K. Mocsár, A. Somogyi, Gy. Nádudvari, D. Kosztka, T. Pavelka
ultra-shallow junction (USJ), Photomodulated Reflection measurements
Monitoring Ion Implantation Energy Using Non‐contact Characterization Methods
M. Tallián, A. Pap, K. Mocsár, A. Somogyi, G. Nádudvari, D. Kosztka, T. Pavelka
ultra-shallow junction (USJ), extremely low ion implant energies, Photomodulated Reflection measurements
Novel Noncontact Approach to Characterization of Mobility in Inversion Layers Using Corona Charging of Dielectric and SPV Monitoring of Sheet Resistance
J-L. Everaert, E. Rosseel, A. Mészáros, K. Kis-Szabó, P. Tüttő, A. Pap, T. Pavelka, M. Wilson, A. Findlay, P. Edelman, J. Lagowski
noncontact method, mobility measurement, corona-voltage metrology, ac-surface photovoltage measurement, inversion layer sheet resistance
Contactless Mobility Measurements of Inversion Charge Carriers on Silicon Substrates with SiO2 and HfO2 Gate Dielectrics
J-L. Everaert, E. Rosseel, J. Dekoster, A. Pap, A. Mészáros, K. Kis-Szabó, T. Pavelka
Dielectrics, Carrier mobility, Charge carriers, Dielectric thin films, Metrology
Impact of Laser Anneal Thermal Budget on the Quality of Thin SiGe Channels with a High Ge Content
E. Rosseel, A. Hikavyy, J-L. Everaert, L. Witters, J. Mitard, T. Hoffmann, W. Vandervorst, A. Pap, T. Pavelka
Ge-Si alloys, X-ray diffraction, elemental semiconductors, laser beam annealing, semiconductor epitaxial layers, semiconductor junctions, Silicon (Si)
Accelerated Light-Induced Degradation (ALID) for Monitoring of Defects in PV Silicon Wafers and Solar Cells
M. Wilson, P. Edelman, A. Savtchouk, J. D’Amico, A. Findlay, J. Lagowski
Silicon (Si), photovoltage, contamination, PV, defects, boron–oxygen dimer, full wafer mapping, light degradation, solar cells
Multicrystalline Solar Grade Silicon Solar Cells
K. Peter, R. Kopecek, M. Wilson, J. Lagowski, E. Enebakk, A. Soiland, S. Grandum
Crystallisation, elemental semiconductors, solar cells
Nanoindentation of Silicon
P. M. Nagy, P. Horvath, G. Peto, E. Kalman
Atomic Force Microscope (AFM), Ion Implantation, nanoindentation, Phase Transformation of Si, Pile-Up, Pop-In, Surface Modification
In‐line 90 nm Technology Gate Oxide Nitrogen Monitoring With Non‐Contact Electrical Technique
N. Pic, G. Polisski, E. Paire, V. Rizzo, C. Grosjean, B. Bortolotti, J. D'Amico, N. Cabuil
oxynitrides, interface trapped charge, in-line monitoring, XPS, D-SIMS, RTP, Charge coupled devices, Ellipsometers, Nitridation, Surface charge, Surface oxidation
Application Of The SPV-based Surface Lifetime Technique To In-Line Monitoring Of Surface Cu Contamination
J. D’Amico, A. Savtchouk, M. Wilson, C.H. Kim, H.W. Yoo, C.H. Lee, T.K. Kim, S.H. Son
Copper (Cu), Surface Lifetime, surface photovoltage, Surface Contamination, Metrology, in-line monitoring, elemental semiconductors, Inductively coupled plasma, Integrated circuits
Comparison of Silicon Surface Preparation Methods for Measurement of Minority Carrier Lifetime Using the Microwave Photoconductive Decay (µ-PCD) Coupled with Continuous Corona Charge (Charge-PCD)
T. Pavelka, Á. Pap, P. Kenesei, M. Varga, F. Novinics, M. Tallián, G. Borionetti, G. Guaglio, M. Pfeffer, E. Don
Microwave Photoconductive Decay (μ-PCD), C-PCD, corona charge, carrier lifetime
Band Offset Diagnostics of Advanced Dielectrics
P. Edelman, M. Wilson, J. D’Amico, A. Savtchouk, J. Lagowski
non-contact electrical metrology, Silicon (Si), mixed dielectrics, oxynitrides, hafnium silicates
Digital SPV Diffusion Length Metrology (E8-Fe) for Ultra-High Purity Silicon Wafers
M. Wilson, A. Savtchouk, I. Tarasov, J. D’Amico, P. Edelman, N. Kochey, J. Lagowski
Minority Carrier Diffusion Length, surface photovoltage, iron detection in silicon wafers
Photoelectric Method for Non-Contact Characterization of SiGe
E. Tsidilkovski, K. Steeples
Surface, photovoltage, Electronic properties, Strain, Multi-layer structure, Semiconductors, Characterisation
Nanomechanical Properties of Ion-Implanted Si
P.M. Nagy, D. Aranyi, P. Horváth, G. Pető, E. Kálmán
nanoindentation, Ion Implantation, mechanical properties, AFM
Determining of Sheet Resistance of Implanted Wafers with Technique of Non-Contact Junction Photovoltage Measurement
Junction Photovoltage Metrology and High Resolution Mapping of Ion Implants Electrically Isolated from Wafer Surface
F. Korsós, K. Kis-Szabó, E. Don, A. Pap, T. Pavelka, C. Laviron, M. Pfeffer
Metrology, annealing, Ion Implantation, active layer, doping
Ultra Shallow Junctions fabrication by Plasma Immersion Implantation on PULSION® followed by Spike and/or Flash Annealing. Effect of pre-amorphization and co-implantation on Boron diffusion in Silicon
H. Etienne, F. Torregrosa, G. Semoere, G. Mathieu, L. Roux, F. Cristiano, P. Fazzini, W. Lerch, S. Paul, J. Gelpey, F. Milesi, F. Gonzatti, A. Pap, K. Kis-Szabo, T. Pavelka
amorphization, co-implantation, ultra-shallow junction (USJ), Hall effect measurements, SIMS, TEM
Ultra‐Shallow Junctions Fabrication by Plasma Immersion Implantation on PULSION® Followed by Laser Thermal Processing
F. Torregrosa, H. Etienne, G. Sempere, G. Mathieu, L. Roux, V. Vervisch, P. Delaporte, T. Sarnet, A. Pap, K. Kis‐Szabó, T. Pavelka, C. Grosjean
plasma ion implantation, Ion Implantation, semiconductor junctions, annealing, boron
Fabrication and Characterisation Challenges on Ultra Shallow Junctions for sub 45 nm CMOS Devices
F. Torregrosa, H. Etienne, G. Sempere, G. Mathieu, L. Roux, C. Grosjean, R. Daineche, Y. De Puydt, L. Dupuy, P. Galand, A. Pap, K. Kis-Szabo, T. Pavelka
ultra-shallow junction (USJ)
Control of Laser Induced Interface Traps with In-line Corona Charge Metrology
J-L. Everaert, E. Rosseel, C. Ortolland, M. Aoulaiche, T. Hoffmann, T. Pavelka, E. Don
corona charge, in-line, traps
Determination of Activated Dopant Profiles with a Novel FastGate® Probe
R.J. Hillard, C. Win Ye, M.C. Benjamin, K. Suguro
probes, Electrical resistance measurement, Testing, Solid state circuits, MOSFETs, annealing, Shape, Contacts, Capacitance-voltage characteristics, Charge carrier density
In-Line Non-Contact Micro-Kelvin Measurements Applied to ZrO2/Al2O3/ZrO2 Dielectric Stacks in the Active Capacitor Cell Areas of Advanced DRAM
J.H. Kim, C.H. Kim, H.W. Yoo, H.L. Kim, S.H. Son, C.H. Lee, T.K. Kim, J. D’Amico, M. Wilson, M. Wilson, S.H. Kim, S.H. Park
corona - Kelvin, DRAM production wafers, SASS, ZAZ dielectric
Application of Non-contact Corona-Kelvin metrology for Characterization of Plasma Nitrided SiO2
A. Belyaev, D. Marinskiy, M. Wilson, J. D’Amico, L. Jastrzebski, J. Lagowski
corona - Kelvin, scribe lines, plasma nitridation, Dielectrics, tunneling, Valence bands, Electric measurements, Metrology
Manifestation of Cu Impurities on Silicon Surfaces, Implication for Monitoring Cu Contamination
M. Wilson, A. Savtchouk, J. D’Amico, I. Tarasov, L. Jastrzebski, J. Lagowski
Copper (Cu), Contact Potential Difference (CPD), ac-surface photovoltage measurement
NIST Traceable Small Signal Surface Photo Voltage Reference Wafer
A. Bertuch, K. Steeples
NIST traceable, surface photovoltage, standard, reference wafer, Electric measurements, Electrical resistivity, Metrology, Epitaxy, Silicon (Si)
Real‐Time, High Resolution, Dynamic Surface Charge Wafer Mapping for Advanced Ion Implant Process Control
K. Gurcan, A. Bertuch, K. Steeples
micro-uniformity, Metrology, implant, surface photovoltage, high-resolution mapping, electrical test, Ion Implantation, Surface charge, Testing procedures, Critical currents
Non-Contact Photoelectric Method For Thin SOI Characterization
E. Tsidilkovski, K. Steeples
Non-contact, photoelectric measurement, silicon film thickness, SOI
Implant Metrology for Bonded SOI Wafers using a Surface Photo-Voltage Technique
A. Bertuch, W. Smith, K. Steeples, R. Standley, A. Stefanescu, R. Johnson
surface photovoltage, monitor, Ion Implantation, layer-transfer, SOI, wafer mapping, hydrogen and helium implants
Non-Contact SPV-based Method for Advanced Ion Implant Process Control
F. Pennella, P. Pianezza, E. Tsidikovski, G. Krzych, K. Steeples
CMOS integrated circuits, annealing, Ion Implantation, photovoltaic effects, process control, semiconductor device manufacturing, semiconductor device measurement, voltage measurement, carrier lifetime
Monitoring Plasma Nitridation of HfSiOx by Corona Charge Measurements
J-L. Everaert, X. Shi, A. Rothschild, M. Schaekers, E. Rosseel, T. Pavelka, E. Don, S. Vanhaelemeersch
HfSiO, Nitridation, corona charge, Gate dielectric, Gate leakage
Three Dimensional Mapping of Thermal and Tunneling Electron Emission from InAs/GaAs Quantum Dots
O. Engström, M.Kaniewska, W.Jung, M.Kaczmarczyk
Deep level transient spectroscopy, quantum dots, tunneling, conduction bands, electric field
Carrier Lifetime Measurements in Silicon for Photovoltaic Applications
T. Pavelka, A. Pap, Gy. Szilágyi
lifetime, Silicon (Si), photovoltaics
Improvements to High Resolution Mapping of Junction Photovoltage Measured Sheet Resistance by Correcting for Wafer Edge and Compensating for Junction Leakage
E. Don, C. Kohn, A. Pap, P. Tüttő, T. Pavelka, C. Laviron, C. Wyon, R. Oechsner, M. Pfeffer
High Resolution Mapping of Sheet Resistance Reveal Implanter or Anneal Non-Uniformities
C. Kohn, E. Don, P. Tüttő, A. Pap, T. Pavelka
sheet resistance, ultra shallow implants, junction photovoltage technique
Metrology, Analysis and Charaterization in Micro- and Nanotechnologies - A European Challenge
L. Pfitzner, A. Nutsch, R. Oechsner, M. Pfeffer, E. Don, C. Wylon, M. Hurlebaus
Metrology, semiconductor manufacturing, equipment
Determination of Implant Activation and Junction Leakage with a Non-Penetrating and Non-Damaging Elastic Material Probe (EM-Probe)
R.J. Hillard, M. Benjamin, J.O. Borland
implant activation, junction leakage, implant, activation, leakage, junction
Determination of Activated Dopant Profiles with a Novel FastGate® Probe
R.J. Hillard, C. Win Ye, M.C. Benjamin, K. Suguro
doping profile, probes, semiconductor junctions
Photoelectric Measurement Method For Implanted Silicon: A Phenomenological Approach
K. Steeples, E. Tsidilkovski
Silicon (Si), Metrology, photovoltage, defects, lifetime
Surface Charge Profiling — An advancement in Ion Implant Monitoring
C. Krueger, C.H. Ng, Z. Zhao, G. Krytsch
Ion Implantation, Surface charge, High current technology
45 nm Node p+ USJ Formation With High Dopant Activation And Low Damage
J. Borland, S. Shishiguchi, A. Mineji, W. Krull, D. Jacobson, M. Tanjyo, W. Lerch, S. Paul, J. Gelpey, S. McCoy, J. Venturini, M. Current, V. Faifer, R. Hillard, M. Benjamin, T. Walker, A. Buczkowski, Z. Li, J. Chen
boron, boron compounds, elemental semiconductors, Ion Implantation, laser beam annealing, semiconductor doping, semiconductor junctions, Silicon (Si), solid phase epitaxial growth
Metrology and High Resolution Mapping of Shallow Junctions Formed by Low Energy Implant Processes
E. Don, A. Pap, T. Pavelka, P. Tüttő, C. Wyon, C. Laviron, R. Oechsner, M. Pfeffer
annealing, Electrical resistivity, Metrology, Spatial resolution
Carrier Lifetime Mapping and Lifetime Studies of 4H-SiC Epilayers
J.D. Caldwell, P. B. Klein, O. Glembocki, K. Hobart, F. Kub, A. Pap, T. Pavelka, A. Shrivastava, Z. Zhang, T. Sudarshan, G. Webster
carrier lifetime, silicon carbide (SiC), epilayer
Non-Contact Charge-Voltage Method for Dielectric Characterization on Small Test Areas of IC Product Wafers
P. Edelman, D. Marinskiy, C. Almeida, J.N. Kochey, A. Byelyayev, M. Wilson, A. Savtchouk, J. D’Amico, A. Findlay, L. Jastrzebski, J. Lagowski
Non-contact, CV, Scribe line testing, Advanced dielectrics, corona discharge, Kelvin force
Quantitative Copper Measurement in Oxidized p-Type Silicon Wafers using Microwave Photoconductivity Decay
H. Vainola, E. Saarnilehto, M. Yli-Koski, A. Haarahiltunen, J. Sinkkonen, G. Berenyi, T. Pavelka
Copper (Cu), illumination, precipitation, Silicon (Si), annealing
Measurement of Copper in p-Type Silicon using Charge-Carrier Lifetime Methods
M. Yli-Koski, H. Savin, E. Saarnilehto, A. Haarahiltunen, J. Sinkkonen, G. Berenyi, T. Pavelka
Copper (Cu), Silicon (Si), surface photovoltage, Microwave Photoconductive Decay (μ-PCD)
Determination of electrically Active Surface Dopant Density in Ultra-Shallow Junction (USJ) Structures with a Non-Destructive Elastic Material Probe (EM-Probe)
R.J. Hillard, M.V. Benjamin, W.C. Ye, J.O. Borland
surface dopant density, ultra-shallow junction (USJ), elastic material probe
Recent Developments in Electrical Metrology for MOS Fabrication
R.J. Hillard, M.C. Benjamin, G.A. Brown
Metrology, MOS
Microwave Photoconductive Decay Mapping and Investigation of Lifetimes in 4H-SiC Epitaxial Layers
J.D. Caldwell, A. Pap, A. Shrivastava, Z. Zhang, P.B. Klein, T. Pavelka, T. Sudarshan, O.J. Glembocki, K. Hobart, F. Kub
silicon carbide (SiC), photoconductive decay, epitaxial layer
Ultra Low Energy (ULE) Implant Dose & Activation Monitoring
J. Borland, R. Hillard, M. Benjamin, E. Gurer
implant dose, activation monitoring, implant, activation
Making Use of Silicon Wafers with Low Lifetimes by Adequate POCl3 Diffusion
J. Lossen, L. Mittelstadt, S. Dauwe, K. Lauer, C. Beneking
carrier lifetime, POCl3, diffusion
Mapping of Minority Carrier Diffusion Length and Heavy Metal Contamination with Ultimate Surface Photovoltage Method
J. Lagowski, A. Aleynikov, A. Savtchouk, P. Edelman
surface photovoltage, Minority Carrier Diffusion Length
Non-Contact C-V Measurements of Ultra Thin Dielectrics
P. Edelman, A. Savtchouk, M. Wilson, J. D'Amico, J.N. Kochey, D. Marinskiy, J. Lagowski
non-contact C-V, ultra-thin dielectrics, Silicon (Si)
Ion Implant Process Monitoring with a Dynamic Surface Photo-Charge Technique
E. Tsidilkovski, K. Crocker, K. Steeples
CMOS integrated circuits, arsenic, boron, Ion Implantation, process monitoring, surface photovoltage
Investigation of High-K Dielectric Properties with the Non-Contact SASS Technique
M. Wilson, J. Lagowski, J. D'Amico, P. Edelman, A. Savtchouk
High dielectric constant materials, Materials science, High-k gate dielectrics
Measurements of Ultra-Shallow Junction (USJ) Sheet Resistance with a Non-Penetrating Four Point Probe
R.J. Hillard, R.G. Mazur, W.J. Alexander, C. Win Ye, M.C. Benjamin, J.O. Borland
sheet resistance, 4pp, ultra-shallow junction (USJ)
Accurate Determination of Ultra-Shallow Junction Sheet Resistance with a Non-Penetrating Four Point Probe
R.J. Hillard, J. Borland, C. Win Ye
sheet resistance, 4pp, ultra-shallow junction (USJ)
Accurate Determination of Ultra-Shallow Junction Sheet Resistance with a Non-Penetrating Four Point Probe
R.J. Hillard, C. Win Ye, L. Tan, M.C. Benjamin, R.G. Mazur
sheet resistance, 4pp, ultra-shallow junction (USJ)
First Results of the Solarcentre Erfurt - a New Pertner in Photovoltaic Research
S. Dauwe, L. Mittelstadt, A. Lawerenz, H.J. Freitag,C. Beneking, H. Aulich
Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, Microwave-induced photoconductance decay, Light beam induced current mapping, Spectral Response
Non-contact Doping Profiling in Epitaxial SiC
A. Savtchouk, E. Oborina, A.M. Hoff, J. Lagowski
doping, Non-Contact Measurement, silicon carbide (SiC)
Non-Contact Electrical Doping Profiling
D. Marinskiy, J. Lagowski, J. D’Amico, A. Findlay, L. Jastrzebski
doping, Mercury (element), Capacitance, Electric measurements, Semiconductor surfaces
Non‐Contact C‐V Technique for high‐k Applications
P. Edelman, A. Savtchouk, M. Wilson, J. D’Amico, J.N. Kochey, D. Marinskiy, J. Lagowski
Dielectrics, Adsorption, Capacitance, Contact potential, Metal insulator semiconductor structures
In‐line, Non‐destructive Electrical Metrology of Nitrided Silicon Dioxide and High‐k Gate Dielectric Layers
R.J. Hillard, P.Y. Hung, W. Chism, C.W. Ye, W.H. Howland, L.C. Tan, C.E. Kalnas
Dielectrics, Dielectric thin films, Electrical properties, Elasticity, Dielectric properties
Silicon Epitaxial Layer Recombination and Generation Lifetime Characterization
D.K. Schroder, B.D. Choi, S.G. Kang, W. Ohashi, K. Kitahara, G. Opposits, T. Pavelka, J. Benton
MOS capacitors, carrier lifetime, electron-hole recombination, semiconductor device measurement, semiconductor epitaxial layers, Silicon (Si), space-charge limited conduction
Determination of Metallic Impurities in a Silicon Wafer by Local Etching and Electrothermal Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
H-Y. Chung, S-H Lee, Y-H. Kim, K-S. Lee, D-H. Kim
metallic impurities distribution, etching technique, ET-AAS
Improvements in PV Performance and Yield (INSPIRE) Report of a Project Carried out Under the DTI's New and Renewable Energy Programme
B.J. Garrard
cruicible hot filling, growth of large ingots, recycling of silicon ingots
Comparative Study on Emitter Sheet Resitivity Measurements for Inline Quality Control
E. Rüland, P. Fath, T. Pavelka, A. Pap, K. Peter, J. Mizsei
diffusion, eddy current testing, Electrical resistivity, elemental semiconductors, phosphorus, quality control, Silicon (Si), solar cells, surface photovoltage
Full Wafer Non-Contact Mapping of Electrical Properties of Ultra-Thin Advanced Dielectrics on Si
P. Edelman, J. Lagowski, A. Savtchouk, M. Wilson, A. Aleynikov, D. Marinskiy, J. Navarro
Dielectrics, leakage, Oxide thickness, Non-contact, Mapping, corona
Cleaning of Si Surfaces by Lamp Illumination
A. Danel, C.L. Tsai, K. Shanmugasundaram, F. Tardif, E. Kamieniecki, J. Ruzyllo
Lamp cleaning, Organic contamination, Volatile contaminants, hydrocarbons
Product Wafer Monitoring of Ultra-Shallow Channel Implants with an Elastic Metal Gate (EM-gate)
R.J. Hillard, W.H. Howland, R.G. Mazur, W. Ye, N.K. Variam
MOSFET, carrier density, doping profile, Ion Implantation, process monitoring, semiconductor device measurement
Contactless Surface Charge Semiconductor Characterization
D.K. Schröder
Silicon (Si), Electric measurements, Metal–insulator–semiconductor structures, Surface and interface states, Contact potential, Work function, Epitaxial silicon
Detection of Low-Level Copper Contamination in p-Type Silicon by Means of Microwave Photoconductive Decay Measurements
M. Yil-Koski, M. Palokangas, A. Haarahiltunen, H. Vainöla, J. Storgards, H. Holmberg, J. Sinkkonen
recombination of copper, Microwave Photoconductive Decay (μ-PCD), high-intensity bias light, interstitial copper, Ham's kinetics, Si–SiO2 interface
Non Contact Surface Potential Measurements for Charging Reduction During Manufacturing of Metal-Insulator-Metal Capacitors
J. Ackaert, Z. Wang, E. De Backer, P. Colson, P. Coppens
charging induced damage (CID), metal-insulator-metal-capacitor (MIMC)
SPV Monitoring of Near Surface Doping – Role of Boron-Hydrogen Interaction; Boron Passivation and Reactivation
D. Marinskiy, J. Lagowski
Hydrogen, passivation, boron acceptor, wet etching, reactive ion etching, sputter deposition, metal contacts, Ar ion beam etching
Carrier Lifetime Analysis by Photoconductive Decay and Free Carrier Absorption Measurements
H-J. Schulze, A. Frohnmeyer, F.-J. Niedernostheide, F. Hille, P. Tüttő, T. Pavelka, G. Wachutka
Silicon (Si), elemental semiconductors, carrier lifetime, photoconductivity
Surface Passivation Effect of Silicon Substrates due to Quinhydrone/Ethanol Treatment
H. Takato, I. Sakata, R. Shimokawa
surface passivation, quinhydrone/ethanol treatment, Microwave Photoconductive Decay (μ-PCD)
Process Induced Oxide and Interface Charges and their Reactivity with Carriers in Bulk Silicon
J.E. Steinle
lifetime measurements, metal contamination, crystal defects, modified techniques, oxide quality
Reflection Mode Scanning Infrared Microscope (SIRM) and its Applications to Defect Detection in Silicon (Scanning Infrared Microscope and Its Application in Silicon)
Cs. Kovacsics
Relationship Between Yield and Reliability Impact of Plasma Damage to Gate Oxide
P.W. Mason, D.K. DeBusk, J.K. McDaniel, A.S. Oates, K.P. Cheung
integrated circuit reliability, integrated circuit yield, Plasma materials processing
COCOS (Corona Oxide Characterization of Semiconductor) Non-Contact Metrology for Gate Dielectrics
M. Wilson, J. Lagowski, L. Jastrzebski, A. Savtchouk, V. Faifer
COCOS, Dielectrics, Semiconductor device characterization, Dielectric thin films, Electric measurements, Contact potential
Non-contact Thickness and Electrical Characterization of High-k Dielectrics
A.F. Bello, S. Kher, D. Marinskiy
high-k dielectrics, BST, picosecond ultrasonics, COCOS, Electric measurements, Capacitance, Dielectric constant, Dielectric thin films
Small Signal ac-Surface Photovoltage Technique for Non-Contact Monitoring of Near Surface Doping for IC-processing
D. Marinskiy, J. Lagowski, M. Wilson, L. Jastrzebski, R. Santiesteban, K. Elshot
surface photovoltage, surface doping, Ion Implantation, doping, Electrodes, Oxides, Reflectivity, Silicon (Si), Capacitance, Diagnostics
Non-contact, In-line Monitoring of Low Dose and Low Energy Ion Implantation
R.S. Santiesteban, D.K. DeBusk, D.A. Ramappa, W.M. Moller
boron, doping profile, elemental semiconductors, Ion Implantation, process monitoring, Silicon (Si), surface photovoltage
Qualification of Epi Layers and Interface Properties by an Improved µ-PCD Technique
T. Pavelka, D.C. Gupta and G.A. Brown
Silicon (Si), epitaxial wafer, carrier lifetime, surface/interface recombination velocity
Investigation of Deep Levels and Precipitates Related to Molybdenum in Silicon by DLTS and Scanning Infrared Microscopy
B. Sandhu, T. Ogikubo, H. Goto, V. Csapó, T. Pavelka
DLTS, SIRM, Silicon (Si), Mo, Fe, deep levels, carrier lifetime
Analytical Tools for the Characterization of Power Devices
H-J. Schulze, A. Frohnmeyer, F-J. Niedernostheide, B. Simmnacher, B.O. Kolbesen, P. Tüttő, T. Pavelka, G. Wachutka
transition metals, contamination, carrier lifetime, silicon defect density
Carrier Lifetime Control and Characterization of High-Resistivity Silicon Used for High-Power Devices
H-J. Schulze, A. Frohnmeyer, F-J. Niedernostheide, F. Hille, P. Tüttő, T. Pavelka, G. Wachutka
carrier lifetime, Silicon (Si), high power device
Lifetime mapping of Si Wafers by an Infrared Camera
M. Bail, J. Kentsch, R. Brendel, M. Schulz
carrier lifetime, infrared camera
Low-Cost High Efficient Milticrystalline Silicon for Photovoltaics
M.B.I. Diaz, C. Haessler
Detection of Copper Contamination in Silicon by Surface Photovoltage Diffusion Length Measurements
W.B. Henley, D.A. Ramappa, L. Jastrezbski
Copper (Cu), Silicon (Si), diffusion, carrier lifetime, iron
Effects of Copper Contamination in Silicon on Thin Oxide Breakdown
D.A. Ramappa, W.B. Henley
copper contamination, breakdown, reliability, thin silicon gate oxide
Diffusion of Iron in Silicon Dioxide
D.A. Ramappa, W.B. Henley
diffusion, iron, silicon dioxide
Small Signal AC-Surface Photovoltage Technique for Non-Contact Monitoring of Near Surface Doping and Recombination-Generation in the Depletion Layer
D. Marinskiy, J. Lagowski, M. Wilson, A. Savtchouk, L. Jastrzebski, D. DeBusk
Small signal non-contact ac-SPV, near surface doping (NSD), chopping frequency, submicron penetration depth
COCOS (Corona Oxide Characterization of Semiconductor) Metrology: Physical Principles and Applications
M. Wilson, J. Lagowski, A. Savtchouk, L. Jastrzebski, J. D'Amico
COCOS, corona, Interface Trap, stress induced leakage current, iron contamination, Contact Potential Difference (CPD)
New COCOS (Corona Oxide Characterization of Semiconductor) Method for Monitoring the Reliability of Thin Gate Oxides
M. Wilson, J. Lagowski, A. Savtchouk, L. Jastrebski, J. D'Amico, D.K. DeBusk, A. Buczkowski
COCOS, Interface structure, surface treatment, Corona effect, Voltage current curve, reliability, Oxide layer, Defect detection, Comparative study, Experimental result, Waveform
A Novel Pretreatment for Thin-Film Measurements
A. Danel, F. Tardif, E. Kamieniecki
Rapid Optical Surface Treatment (ROST), hydrocarbons, ellipsometry
Epilayer Quality and Yield Improvement Using the Surface Charge Profiler as a Non-Destructive Diagnostic Technique
M.C. Nguyen, J.P. Tower, A. Danel
semiconductor materials
Using the Surface Charge Profiler for In-Line Monitoring of Doping Concentration in Silicon Epitaxial Wafer Manufacturing
J.P. Tower, E. Kamieniecki, M.C. Nguyen, A. Danel
doping, Silicon (Si), Wafer manufacturing, Epitaxy
Fast Noncontact Diffusion-Process Monitoring
D.K. DeBusk, A.M. Hoff
noncontact metrology, surface photovoltage, Contact Potential Difference (CPD), COCOS
Gettering of Unintentionally Contaminated Silicon Wafers by Phosphorous Ion Implantation and Annealing
M. Yli-Koski, J. Mellin, V. Ovchinnikov
Gettering, Phosphorous Ion Implantation, Silicon (Si), surface photovoltage
Evaluation of Precipitation and Denuded Zone Depth on Different Silicon Materials
J.E. Steinle
Determination of Recombination Center Parameters by the Combined Application of µ-PCD and SPV Techniques
T. Pavelka, A. Tóth, G. Bayer
recombination center, Microwave Photoconductive Decay (μ-PCD), surface photovoltage
Temperature Dependence of Carrier Recombination Lifetimes in n-Type Silicon
A. Frohnmeyer, F.-J. Niedernostheide, H.-J. Schulze, P. Tüttő, T. Pavelka, G. Wachutka
Evaluation of Advanced Pre-Gate Cleanings
C. Cowache, P. Boelen, I. Kashkoush, P Besson, F. Tardif
pre-gate cleaning, particle removal, metal removal, surface microroughness, surface passivation
Use of Non-Contact Resistivity Measurements for Epitaxy: Surface Charge Profiler Method
A. Danel, F. Tardif, G. Kamarinos, M.C. Nguyen
high purity silicon, Surface Charge Profiler (SCP), Doping measurements
Surface Dopant Concentration Measurement using the Surface Charge Profiler (SCP) Method: Characterization of Hydrogen and Metallic Contamination in Silicon
A. Danel, F. Tardif, G. Kamarinos
Doping deactivation, Surface Charge Profiler (SCP), Boron-doped silicon, Hydrogen, Copper (Cu)
Present Status of the Surface Photovoltage Method (SPV) for Measuring Minority Carrier Diffusion Length and Related Parameters
P. Edelman, V. Faifer, J. Lagowski
surface photovoltage, Minority Carrier Diffusion Length, iron contamination, recombination lifetime
Problems and Possibilities of Comparing Different Lifetime Measuring Instruments and Techniques
T. Pavelka, D.C. Gupta, F.R. Bacher, W.M. Hughes
carrier lifetime, surface photovoltage, Microwave Photoconductive Decay (μ-PCD), injection level, surface recombination, surface passivation
Contamination Reduction and Control in Integrated Circiut Manufacturing
J.E. Steinle
Correlation Of Nitride Spacer Plasma Damage Results From Conventional Gate Capacitor Electrical Tests And A New, Non-contact Approach
M.W. Goss, A. Findlay
Capacitors, etching, Plasma applications, Plasma devices, Plasma diagnostics, Plasma materials processing, Plasma measurements, Plasma stability, Pulse measurements, Testing
Monitoring of Mobile Sodium Ions in SiO2 Using Corona Charging
F.A. Stevie, E. Persson, D.K. DeBusk, A. Savchuk, A.M. Hoff, P. Edelman, J. Lagowski
mobil charge, corona temperature stress, SiO2, corona charge
Charge Carrier Lifetime Modification in Silicon by High Energy H+, He+ Ion Implantation
N.Q. Khanh, P. Tüttő, E.N. Jaroli, O. Buiu, L.P. Bíró, F. Pászti, T. Mohácsy, Cs. Kovacsics, A. Manuaba, J. Gyulai
Charge Carrier Lifetime, Excess Charge Pocket, Ion Implantation, Lifetime Tailoring, Microwave Photoconductive Decay (μ-PCD), Radiation Damage, Recombination Activity
Charge Carrier Lifetime Modification in Silicon by High Energy H+ or He+ Ion
N.Q. Khanh, P. Tüttő, E.N. Jaroli, O. Buiu, L.P. Bíró, A. Manuaba, J. Gyulai
carrier lifetime, Silicon (Si), Ion Implantation
Process Monitoring of Ultrathin Oxides using Surface Charge Analysis
A.H. Field
surface charge analysis, VQ, Oxides, contamination, doping, Integrated circuits, Interfaces
Monitoring of Noble Metals in HF Based Chemistries by u-PCD, SPV, SCI and SCP
A. Daniel, U. Straube, G. Kamarinos, E. Kamieniecki, F. Tradif
Microwave Photoconductive Decay (μ-PCD), surface photovoltage, SCI, SCP, noble metal
A Novel Method For Studying Degradation Related To Plasma Processing Of Silicon Wafers
J. Lagowski, A. Hofl, L. Jastrzebski, P. Edelman, T. Esry
oxide potential, surface photovoltage, plasma damage, dielectric charge, Radiation Damage, heavy metal contamination
Monitoring Plasma Damage: A Real-Time, Noncontact Approach
A.M. Hoff, T.C. Esry, K. Nauka
plasma damage, dielectric charge, Radiation Damage, heavy metal contamination
Identification Possibility of Metallic Impurities in p-Type Silicon by Lifetime Measurement
T.S. Horányi, P. Tüttő, Cs. Kovacsics
oxidation, Silicon (Si), temperature, nitrogen compounds, oxygen compounds, quartz, surface treatment
New Possibilities for the Microwave Photoconductive Decay Technique
T. Pavelka
Microwave Photoconductive Decay (μ-PCD)
New Surface Photovoltage (SPV) Method for High Precision Measurement of the Minority Carrier Diffusion Length and Surface Recombination Velocity in Silicon Wafers
V. Faifer, P. Edelman, A. Kontkiewicz, J. Lagowski, A. Hoff, V. Dyukov, A. Pravdivtsev, I. Kornienko
surface photovoltage, Minority Carrier Diffusion Length, surface recombination velocity, Silicon (Si)
Monitoring of Fe Contamination on Si Surfaces Using Non-Contact Surface Charge Profiler
P. Roman, I. Kashkoush, R.E. Novak, E. Kamieniecki, J. Ruzyllo
Surface Charge Profiler (SCP), Fe concentration, Si surfaces, Non-Contact Measurement
Element Specific Diagnosis Using Microwave Reflection Photoconductive Decay
L. Köster, P. Blöchl, L. Fábry
element specific drive-in treatments, Microwave Photoconductive Decay (μ-PCD), metal contamination, injection level, Schockley-Read-Hall-recombination model
Method for the Measurement of Long Minority Carrier Diffusion Lengths Exceeding Wafer Thickness
J. Lagowski, A.M. Kontkiewicz, L. Jastrzebski, P. Edelman
diffusion, Silicon (Si), Surface measurement
Iron Detection in the Part per Quadrillion Range in Silicon Using Surface Photovoltage and Photodissociation of Iron‐Boron Pairs
J. Lagowski, P. Edelman, A.M. Kontkiewicz, O. Milic, W. Henley, M. Dexter, L. Jastrzebski, A.M. Hoff
iron, dissociation, photodissociation, Silicon (Si), diffusion
Monitoring of Heavy Metal Contamination During Chemical Cleaning with Surface Photovoltage
L. Jastrzebski, O. Milic, M. Dexter, J. Lagowski, D. DeBusk, K. Nauka, R. Witowski, M. Gordon, E. Persson
contamination, chemical analysis, photovoltaic cells, surface dynamics, integrated circuit design
Ballistic Electron Emission Microscopy of Schottky Diodes on RF-Plasma-Treated Silicon
L. Quattropani, K. Solt, P. Niedermann, I. Maggio-Aprile, O. Fischer, T. Pavelka
Schottky diode, RF plasma treated silicon
Electrochemical Etching and Profiling of Silicon
T.S. Horányi, P. Tüttő
etching, profiling, Silicon (Si)
In Situ Bulk Lifetime Measurement on Silicon with a Chemically Passivated Surface
T.S. Horányi, T. Pavelka, P. Tüttő
lifetime, Silicon (Si), passivated surface
Investigation of Recombination Properties of Ti Double Donor in Silicon
G. Ferenczi, T. Pavelka, P. Tüttő, L. Köster
recombination, Ti donor, Silicon (Si)
A New Method for Simultaneous Characterisation of Process Cleanliness and True Particle Removal Efficiency
N.E. Henelius, H. Ronkainen, O.J. Anttila, J.M. Molarius
cleaning technology, semiconductor device manufacturing, electrochemical, electronics, dielectric science
Injection Level Spectroscopy: A Novel Non-Contact Contamination Analysis Technique in Silicon
G. Ferenczi, T. Pavelka, P. Tüttő
contamination analysis, Silicon (Si)
Improved Method for Depth Profiling of Multilayer Structures
T.S. Horányi, P. Tüttő, G. Endrédi
depth profile, multilayer structure
Electrochemical Method for the Measurement of Doping Profiles in Silicon
T.S. Horányi, P. Tüttő, G. Endrédi
doping profile, Silicon (Si)
DLTS Investigation of Deep Levels in Bulk GaAs under Uniaxial Stress
C.A. Londos, T. Pavelka
Temperature Dependence of the Capture Cross Section of Seo as Measured by Microwave Absorption Spectroscopy (MAS)
T. Pavelka and B. Hemm
Microwave Absorption Spectroscopy
Interpretation of the Electric Field Dependent Thermal Emission Data of Deep Traps
T. Pavelka and G. Ferenczi
Thermal emission, deep trap
Dispersive Microwave Transient Spectroscopy of Deep Levels in Semiconductors
D. Huber, P. Eichinger, G. Ferenczi, T. Pavelka, G. Veszely
Microwave transient spectroscopy, deep levels, semiconductor