New product release: Semilab presents RT-2201, our newest sheet resistance measurement system for 100mm up to 200mm samples


We are pleased to release the new generation of sheet resistance measurement systems by Semilab, the RT-2201. This system combines 4PP with non-contact measurement techniques for 100mm up to 200mm samples in a cost-effective, low-automation platform.

Designed with wafer makers, device manufacturers and implanter suppliers in mind, in addition to the more conventional 4PP, non-contact measurement can be applied to BEOL (metal layers thickness) using EDDY, or to FEOL (implant monitoring) using JPV.

The 4PP, JPV and Eddy probes combined in a single platform and the multiple 4PP heads allow measurements across various ranges and applications making the RT-2201 a more stable and versatile system.

Thanks to the combination of non-contact probes we could reach reduced maintenance and calibration requirements, better long-term stability, and fast and high-resolution mapping. The 2 open cassettes for 100mm up to 200mm samples make sample-handling easier.

We are excited to deliver these new capabilities of our RT-2201 platform to help our customers to achieve more accurate and more sensitive measurements.


For more in-depth information keep reading about SHEET RESISTANCE MEASUREMENT here, or send your product related questions to our colleagues via our Contact Form.