Cryostats for Semilab DLS systems

Semilab offers the following Cryostats to use with the DLS systems:

  1. Low vibration cryostat chamber 30K-400K (optionally up to 800K) – equipped with manipulators for easily establishing good electrical contact on small samples and devices and for readjusting the contact needles at low temperatures still under vacuum.
  2. Bath type cryostat: 77K-450K –– heating is computer-controlled – controller built into DLS-1000. Convectional (in LN2 atmosphere)
  3. Automatic LN2 cryostat 80K - 550K (maximum 800K optional). Sample in the vacuum chamber – requires computer-controlled heating and cooling (by LN2 boiling), requires controller  and cryostat control unit.
  4. Automatic He (closed cycle) vacuum cryostat*: 30K - 325K. Controller is commercial LakeShore – controlled by the DLS control software.

*Vacuum cryostats require vacuum pump (not included by default)

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