The FAaST 350 DSPV system is the flagship platform designed to provide world-leading, non-contact fast monitoring of heavy metal contamination, including sub 108 atoms/cm-3 Fe detection, with automated wafer handling from dual FOUP loadport loading stations fully capable of supporting the most demanding high-volume manufacturing environment.

Features and System specifications:

  • Automatic robotic wafer handling
  • Dual FOUP loadport; optional configuration with single loadport or including Versaport
  • Automatic full wafer FAST mapping of diffusion length, Iron, and Other Recombination Centers (Nr)
  • Option for advanced digital SPV functions, including Backsurface Recombination (Sb), Steady State Diffusion Length (L0), and Copper measurements
  • FAaST software package, including measurement, recipe writing and data viewing applications
  • Default configuration for 300 mm wafers with option for 200 mm / 300 mm bridge configuration
  • Line conditioner with flexible compatibility
  • Compatible for configuration with other Semilab SDI FAaST tool measurement technologies
  • Additional available options include: Minienvironment, wafer edge-grip handling, wafer flipper for automatic backsurface measurement, 300 mm Semi-compliant automation, Seismic brackets, wafer OCR, RFID, cassette barcode reader

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