New product release: MBM-2201 mobility and sheet resistance measurement system for RF GaN market


We are pleased to present Semilab’s new metrology system: MBM-2201 mobility and sheet resistance measurement system.

MBM-2201 Mobility and Sheet Resistance Measurement systemMBM series provide results for compound semiconductor device manufacturers having critical need to know the uniformity of mobility and resistivity.

MBM-2201 is a non-contact and non-destructive system for the characterization of charge carrier mobility and sheet resistance of compound semiconductors with high resistivity substrates on the entire surface up to 200 mm sample sizes.

Technology background

Based on the growing market demand in the semiconductor industry, developing a contactless metrology for compound semiconductor characterization has of an utmost importance.

It is a non-contact and non-destructive measurement method thus sample wafers can be sold after measurements. The MBM system is capable of factory automation fulfilling industrial standards by fully-automated wafer handling capability and SAM2™ (Semilab Automation Manager 2) based software.


MBM system is capable of the following applications:


MBM-2201 as a non-contact and non-destructive measurement system, fulfills industrial standards with its modern platform:

  • Small footprint, ISO Class 1 cleanroom design
  • Factory automation: fully-automated wafer handling capability
    • 3” wafers: in manual mode; 4”-6”, 8” wafers: automatically
  • Improved performance compared to predessedor system:
    • High sampling frequency and throughput
    • Improved stability
    • Wider sheet resistance and mobility ranges
  • SAM2 based user-friendly interface is used compliant to SEMI® standards (E5-0813; E30-0611; E37-0413; E37.1-1109)

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