Atomic Force Microscope - AFM-2000 is an automated high-end Scanning Probe Microscopy platform for large samples.

Its long range XY translators allow the investigation of up to 300 mm samples and fragments at all positions. The fully programmable sample positioning enables autonomous AFM measurements on multiple sample positions with automatic image analysis and automatic report generation. The combination with high end optics enable on automated preselection of sample sites for SPM investigation.

Thereby the Semilab AFM-2000 setup is the optimal solution for industry quality maintenance application and R&D environments. 

High performance:

  • Lowest noise
  • High precision stage, high precision motors and optical reference feedback system
  • Acoustic enclosure
  • Camera system for visualization of the scan area.

Ease of use:

  • Cantilever exchange
  • Full automation capability with in-built active vibration isolation


  • Automated tip exchange
  • Sample size up to 300 mm


  • Offers flexibility with AFM tip scanner setup for a wide scanning range.
  • Customer-specified modifications
  • Combination with other analytical heads

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