New product release: SRP-2100i Spreading Resistance Profiling system with I-V capability


We are pleased to present Semilab’s new metrology system: Spreading Resistance Profiling with I-V capability (SRP-2100i).

SRP-2100i Spreading Resistance Profiler with I-V capabilitySRP-2100i, Semilab’s latest Spreading Resistance Profiling (SRP) system combines standard SRP technique with optional Point-Contact IV (PCIV) method. Therefore, SRP-2100i is capable of characterizing layer structures and monitoring profiles of different compound semiconductors in a wide resistivity range, while keeping the well-established dual-probe method for determining resistivity and carrier density profiles in all silicon structures.

The system is ideally suited for easy failure analysis of fabrication processes and doping operations including epitaxial growth, ion implantation and diffusion. It is highly applicable for any silicon, compound semiconductor, SOI wafer and power device manufacturers, as well as for R&D departments.

The measurements are destructive and require preliminary sample preparation in order to determine device behavior and quality. SRP-2100i system currently has no direct competitors.

Figure 1. SRP-2100i

Applications of SRP-2100i

Various properties, electrical characterization and defects of low-energy semiconductor wafers and devices can be monitored effectively with SRP technique. It also provides useful information on resistivity and electrically active carrier density of the examined samples.

Application of PCIV technique proved to be effective at

  • characterizing different device structures,
  • determining layer thicknesses and
  • junction locations.

Measurements showed great results on a wide variety of materials such as GaAs, Ga2O3, InP, InGaAs, AlGaN & GaN HEMT structures, also SiC power device structures (MOSFETs, SBDs). The method is capable of comparing samples with varying mole fraction ratios in case of AlxGa1-xAs and monitoring SOI or even II-IV semiconductor (ZnO, CdS) samples.


  • A versatile electrical technique for characterizing depth profiles from surface through any multilayer structures of arbitrary depth
  • Offers high spatial and depth resolution
  • Measurements on patterned samples are available
  • Capability to measure thin layers with Shallow Layer Measurement (SLM) option
  • Capability to characterize any wide bandgap, compound and SOI materials with Point Contact IV (PCIV) and iPCIV options

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