LEI-1610E100AM, LEI-1610E100R

The LEI-1610E100 is ideal for both R&D and volume production of devices where the mobility is as low as 100 cm2/V-s or multicarrier modeling is of interest.

An electromagnet allows for measurement of mobility as low as 100 cm2/V-s. Sheet resistance of 100-3000+ Ohm/sq is measurable.

The electromagnet also allows for measurements at multiple magnetic (B) fields. This provides an opportunity to model carriers from several layers. This is comparable to the capability of conventional Hall systems.

The AM is manually loaded and automatically mapped. It accommodates 50-200 mm wafers.

The RP is robotically loaded and accommodates either 50-150 mm or 76-200 mm wafers (option chosen at system build).

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