IIT 2022

25/ Sep
29/ Sep

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The International Conference on Ion Implantation Technology 2022 (IIT 2022) is the 23rd Conference in the biannual series focused on discussion of major challenges in current and emerging technologies related to implant/doping and annealing processes, device applications, equipment, metrology, and modeling.

The Conference offers an excellent opportunity for engineers and researchers in industry, research institutes and universities to present new results and to discuss ideas of new applications of ion implantation and annealing.


The five-day Conference will feature oral and poster presentations covering the following topics:

  • Advanced Implant/Doping and Annealing Equipment
  • Annealing Technologies and Processes
  • Device Applications for Implant/Doping and Annealing Processes
  • Implant/Doping Technologies and Processes
  • Metrologies for Implant/Doping and Annealing Processes
  • Modeling and Simulation of Implant/Doping and Annealing Processes


Semilab will also be a presenter in the topic of Device Applications for Implant/Doping and Annealing Processes with an oral presentation titled ‘Lateral Mapping of Damage Patterns in Plasma Immersion Ion Implanted Silicon’.


Program schedule: https://www.mrs.org/iit2022/program

Registration: https://www.mrs.org/iit2022/registration


The US Grant Hotel, San Diego