JPH Halogeneted Perovskites Workshop

03/ Apr
05/ Apr

Halide Perovskite Days (JPH, “Journées Perovskites Halogénées” in French), one of the main events in the French and worldwide community on halide perovskites, will be held between 3 -5 April 2024, at Aix-les-Bains, Savoie, France. The purpose of the event is to unite PhD students, industrial and institutional researchers through talks delivered by industry experts, posters and presentations of recent results, discussing everything perovskite, thin film and their integration into devices.

Join us and learn more about the latest Semilab metrology solutions for thin film characterization as Semilab will also attend as a partner of the event!


Hotel Adelphia, 215 boulevard Robert Barrier 73100, Aix le Bains, France