AFM-3000 is the newest addition to the Semilab AFM family, offering a fully automated solution for 3D nano-imaging and defect inspection of wafers. This robust machine adheres to industrial standards for micro and nano-topology measurements and features a modern platform.

The Semilab AFM-3000 system is designed for various applications, including:

  1. Particle Inspection:

    • Precise defect localization using the light scattering method (μPIT) based on imported KLARF files.
    • Defect inspection using a high-resolution AFM scanner.
  2. CMP Process Control:

    • Consistent and highly reproducible roughness characterization for quality control of semiconductor wafers up to 12" (300 mm).
  3. Critical Dimension AFM:

    • Provides detailed 3D sample surface information on micro and nano scales.
    • Suitable for silicon and non-silicon wafers, thin films, and surfaces with nanotopography.

Key Features:

  • Provides high-resolution, sub-atomic precision measurements with extremely low noise levels.
  • Ensures stable and accurate performance in a customizable, user-friendly environment.
  • Offers vibration isolation and supports variable cantilever types with outstanding scan rates.
  • Equipped with a wafer contour meter for repeatable and precise alignment.
  • Includes a full wafer AFM profilometer mode.
  • Optional features such as
    • defect review capability, combining high-resolution AFM measurement with micro-particle inspection metrology (µPIT) for immediate defect determination.
    • pattern recognition,
    • cantilever exchange with tip qualification (up to 10,000 tip exchanges without failure), and
    • environmental control module.
  • Offers flexibility with AFM tip scanner setup for a wide scanning range.
  • Accommodates sample sizes up to 300 mm.

The AFM-3000 is ideal for various industry quality control applications, including:

  • Wafer makers and device makers in the semiconductor industry for quality inspection.
  • Roughness measurement of samples after CMP (Chemical Mechanical Polishing).
  • Defect inspection and localization.
  • Research centers involved in nano-imaging and defect inspection.

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