IBM Researcher Oki Gunawan and his collaborators have recently published a major breakthrough in the characterization of semiconductor properties in Nature.


You can read the article here:

The breakthrough, carrier-resolved Photo-Hall (CRPH) measurements allow the separation of electron and hole mobilities in semiconductors, a critical parameter in advanced semiconductor and photovoltaic devices. The CRPH measurement is an extension of the Parallel Dipole Line (PDL) AC Hall effect measurement technique.

Semilab has licensed the patent to the PDL Hall effect technique and offers this technology as a commercial offering - the PDL-1000 system.

This system offers AC and DC Hall measurement modes with the ability to measure carrier mobility down to 0.1cm2/V-s.

More detail about the new CRPH technique can be found at Nature (link), and at the IBM Research Blog.

Please find also other paper published linked to this article.