Semilab and ENEL-GP present a virtual poster at SiliconPV 2021 about the „Contactless sheet resistance characterization of silicon heterojunction structures using differential JPV technique”


Semilab researchers present a new, recently revealed application of the differential junction photovoltage (diff-JPV) technique is presented for the rapid and accurate sheet resistance measurement of a-Si:H / c-Si heterojunction structures.

The experiments on HJT samples led to the conclusion, that the sheet resistance of the TCO transport layer at the emitter side can be accurately determined using both the contact four-point probe (4PP) and the contactless diff-JPV techniques. Using optimized probing conditions excellent agreement betwenn the two methods was observed in a large parameter range.
An additional novel application of the diff-JPV technique is also revealed for the rapid detection and characterization of inversion layers underneath the emitter amorphous silicon layer stacks after the PE-CVD process.


A short explanatory video will be available at the online platform during the conference, while the session for live communication with the authours starts at 11:30 on  19th April 2021.

Registration and more details: Silicon PV 2021