Semilab introduces the new generation of the EIR family


As a leading innovator in precision measurement solutions, Semilab is proud to announce a new era of its highly acclaimed rapid, non-contact, and non-destructive FTIR metrology system EIR. Our second-generation EIR system brings unmatched accuracy, efficiency, and uptime to the semiconductor industry for a wide variety of applications, including Epitaxial layer thickness for silicon and silicon carbide, chemometric analysis of thin films, and interstitial oxygen and carbon measurements in bulk silicon.

The second-generation EIR optics provide higher throughput without sacrificing long-term stability, along with easier serviceability. These improvements bring the accuracy and precision of the instrument to the next level.

The advanced metrology head has been shipping since May 2023. SEMILAB can retrofit existing systems with an improved detector and longer service life.

In addition to the hardware improvements, the software adds some new features, including improved analysis methods for silicon carbide, wafer sorting capability, and a new system health check module.

The EIR product line can support different levels of factory automation. From manually loaded open cassette load ports to support for autonomous ground vehicles (AGV) and SMIF with support for OHT delivery, the EIR tools can integrate into existing facilities and new facilities supporting the latest standards.