Successful Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Workshop at UCL


Our Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Workshop, co-organized with UCL and Semitronics Corp., held between 26-27th March 2024, at University College London, was a great success and we want to say thank you to everyone participating!

We trust that each attendee found the past two days enriching, delving into such captivating subjects like the basics of Spectroscopic Ellipsometry, covering Spectroscopic Ellipsometer, Ellipsometric Porosimetry, and Infrared Ellipsometry, and joining in for a laboratory visit and practical Semilab SE-2000 demonstration. 
Your active participation contributed immensely to the vibrancy of discussions and shared insights. 
We look forward to future opportunities to collaborate and explore advancements in this dynamic field together!

Watch our new info-animation video and learn more about the Semilab Spectroscopic Ellipsometry portfolio.