The Semilab AMS SW-3300 uses the exclusive SurfaceWave™ technology to measure the thickness and uniformity of thin film metals and dielectrics. It’s a low cost but powerful product built expressly for copper, low k materials. It is a superior measurement of bottle trench, straight trench, dielectric layer thickness and composition.


Features and System specifications:

  • Metrology for mixed 200/300 or 150/200 mm wafers
  • Robust, solid-state lasers with lifetime greater than 1 year
  • Precise and repeatable pattern measurement
  • Lowest ownership cost of any non-contact system on the market
  • Easy to use
  • Proven track record of reliability
  • Semilab AMS quality and durability
  • SEMI S2/S8 and CE compliant Fed 209E Class 1 mini-environment (ISO Class 2) 300mm GEM automation standards.

Dual load port configurable as:

  • Dual FOUP
  • Dual SMIF
  • FOUP & SMIF bridge tool
  • Open cassette

Semilab AMS SW3300A

The advanced SW 3300A was announced mid-year 2007. It contains the same features as the SW 3300, and adds multiple layer measurements.

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