The SEIR-3000 uses proprietary model-based infrared reflectometry (MBIR) and Spectroscopic Ellipsome-try (SE) technology to deliver high throughput, low COO, non-contact, non-destructive measurements of the 3D geometry structures and uniformity of doped epitaxial layers and films used in integrated circuit manufacturing. The small spotsize makes the tool suitable for measurements of scribeline test structures. The unique hybrid SE-IR technology and analysis capability of the SEIR-3000 enables measurement capability of challenging structures and film stacks.


Features and System specifications:

  • Scalable measurement capability at all technology nodes
  • Capable of mixed 150/200 mm or 200/300 mm operation under software control
  • Windows-based software with menu-driven recipe selection/generation
  • Cognex Patmax© pattern recognition
  • Camera-based autofocus

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