New product release: LSL-2500 Bulk Micro Defect inspection system primarily for patterned wafers in failure analysis


We are pleased to present Semilab’s new metrology system: Light Scattering tomograph enhanced with Low-angle illumination (LSL-2500).LSL-2500

This unique IR light scattering-based inspection metrology system is applicable for processed wafers’ failure analysis. It detects BMDs created due to the thermal impacts of various production steps in device manufacturing. Its special dual illumination unit allows BMD detection in Standard mode (for bare wafers) and in Tilted mode (for patterned wafers), while the two measurement modes show perfect correlation. 

LSL is dedicated to becoming the reference technique for BMD detection in patterned wafers in failure analysis, since it was a sister development of our industry standard LST-2500HD equipment.


Two-in-one metrology providing the following measurement capabilities of Bulk Micro Defects inspection:

  • Standard Mode (normal illumination/ LST mode)
  • Tilted Mode (low angle illumination / patterned wafer inspection)
  • Combo Mode (normal & low angle illumination / cross-correlation)


  • Patterned wafer measurement in tilted mode
  • Combo mode validation by dual illumination
  • Parallel data acquisition and evaluation (no extra time needed)
  • Excellent reproducibility (1σ < 4%) allows the measurement of the size of the same individual defect before and after thermal treatment
  • Outstanding stability and Tool-to-Tool matching
  • Engineer-independent adjustment procedures


Download LSL-2500 Brochure

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