Semilab introduces a new generation of MCV series with improved performance: Face-down Mercury Probe C-V Metrology System


Our latest MCV system, MCV-3000S features a more stable mercury contact on wafers resulting in accurate measurements due to the new measurement chamber design.

Semilab MCV-3000S system while fulfilling industrial standards with an improved performance compared to predecessor systems, is based on an exceptionally reliable contact method for the characterization of dopant concentration and resistivity profile of semiconductors and performs a novel measurement arrangement allowing measurements to be more accurate, less dependent on sample properties and it requires easier overall maintenance.

The Face-down C-V metrology system is invaluable for Si wafermakers who require a highly repeatable way of epitaxial layer characterization on a wide variety of materials up to 12” sample sizes.


  • Complete Schottky C-V resistivity profiling of epitaxial layers even in form of high-resolution resistivity maps
  • Advanced C-V evaluation for compound semiconductors, special applications (e.g., HEMT structures)



MCV-3000S system as a non-destructive measurement method uses upgraded measurement technique:

  • Self-aligning probe head highly improves performance and results resulting in easier overall maintenance
  • The extremely stable Hg return contact supports measurements to be less dependent on substrate properties resulting in improved measurement accuracy
  • Improved tool-to-tool matching
  • The system uses only a small quantity of mercury to maintain safe circumstances

The system fulfills industrial standards with its modern platform:

  • Factory automation: Automated wafer handling capability of 12” samples
  • SAM2™ based user-friendly interface is used compliant to SEMI® standards  
  • (E5-0813; E30-0611; E37-0413; E37.1-1109)


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