Features and System specifications:

It is a new integrated platform with the following capabilities:

  • SPV Diffusion Length
    • Discrete ites and mapping of incoming and processed wafers to final cells.
    • UV/Blue SPV ratio for surface passivation (arb. units)
    • Monitorable parameters:
      • Diffusion length (L)
      • Fe contamination (Fe)
      • Other Recomb. Centers (NR)
      • LID Defect Contamination
  • Noncontact C-V profiling
    • Time resolved approach with leakage correction
    • Monitorable parameters:
      • Flatband Voltage (Vfb)
      • Oxide Total Charge (Qtot)
      • Interface Trapped Charge (Qit)
      • Interface Trap Density (Dit)
      • Dielectric Capacitance (CD) and thickness (CET),
      • Dielectric Leakage and PID testing 3 to 1000 nm planar and textured films
  • Accelerated LID testing
    • Temperature stages (20-220°C), 2 illumination stations (halogen and flash); robotic handling: activates/deactivates iron and/or boron-oxygen
    • LID defects in minutes
    • ALID is sequenced with SPV for Fe and LID defect mapping in short time
    • Applicable to wafers and solar cells
  • QSS-μPCD
    • Discrete sites and mapping of incoming and processed wafers
    • PCD laser wavelength: 904 nm
    • Monitorable parameters:
      • Decay lifetime (τ eff.d)
      • Steady-state lifetime (τ eff.ss)
      • Injection level (Δn)
      • Effective surface recombination (Seff)
      • QSS light intensity: 0.005 to 30 Suns
      • Emitter Saturation Current (J0)
      • Implied Voc
  • Light Beam Induced Current (LBIC)
    • Mapping of solar cells 1 to 4 lasers
    • Measurement parameters: Current; Diffusion Length; Reflectance; Internal Quantum Efficiency (IQE)
    • Reflectance measurement and IQE mapping

Other testing capabilities:

  • SPV Surface Lifetime
  • SPV Mapping of Rshunt and Voc
  • Noncontact Suns-Voc
  • Wafer Thickness Measurement

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