Atomic Force Microscope - Proberstation 1000

The Atomic Force Microscope - Proberstation 1000 provides the possibility of investigating nearly all samples by Scanning Probe Microscopy. From a splitter of a coated wafer to a whole nano-coated surgical implant, the compact granite stage will surprise with its flexibilty.
Thereby, the design makes no compromises concerning stability.

Scanning atomic layers on a standrand writing desk is possible. The open tip scanner design gives room for free sample access and variety of selectable XY translators and special measurement stages as a temperature control stage or liquide cell. For exotically shaped sample we can provide customised illumination, sample stages and sample holder for request.

This small granite stage is an ultimate AFM work horse with unlimited upgrade abilities.

High Performance:

  • Lowest noise
  • All AFM modes available
  • High resolution digital CCD camera for visual control

Ease of use:

  • Plug and play cantilever exchange
  • Free sidewise access to sample 
  • Rigid railmount with manual Z sample height adjustment


  • AFM tip scanner setup for wide scanning range
  • Sample size up to 70 mm


  • Large possibility of add-ons and accessories
  • Customer-specified modifications


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